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Data Highlighter Google Webmaster Tools


Google is increasingly using structured data to provide search results more attractive. When we talk about structured data we refer to such rich snippets and calendar events that help users find your content. So far, the HTML markup was the only way to communicate with Google.

Today Google is offering webmasters a simpler alternative: The highlight of Data (Data Highlighter), is available only in English and structured data about events such as concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, shows and festivals. Google in the coming months will expand to more languages and data types.

Data is the highlight of a tool that can be used by anyone with access to Google Webmaster Tools for the page in question. No need to change the HTML, instead just use the mouse to highlight and "tag" every important fact in the page where the event your web site.

If your site shows several events in a consistent format. The highlight of this format will learn details are applying and help you speed up your work automatically. Likewise if you have many pages with events in a consistent format, the data highlighter will guide you through the process of labeling each sample pages and the highlight Data can learn your formatting changes. Usually 5 to 10 manually tagged pages are enough for the sophisticated technology of Google learns to recognize the labeling of all other pages of your site.

When done, you can review a sample of all the event data that the data has understood highlighter. If it is correct click "Publish".

Thereafter, when Google crawls your site will recognize your events and make them eligible for enhanced search results. You can inspect the data tracked in the Control Panel Structured Data, publications and cancel at any time if you are not happy with the result.

start with the highlight Data of time until Google implements it for other languages, you have to put your Google Account English (United States), after visiting the Google Webmaster Tools, select the Web site you want to work, click on "optimization" in the left sidebar and click on "Data Highlighter".

Author : Amlan Maiti