Blackberry Applications

Testing the limits of portability

When we are on the way, what limits us? If someone has a Blackberry - the answer is surely not "technology". The Blackberry has allowed us to do what we want, wherever you want, whenever we want. He decides to join and participate in this interesting and lucrative market?

Blackberry App Store

Like the iPhone and Android have their own shops dedicated application, BlackBerry users are also able to purchase and download applications. Our Blackberry design services include not only the development of new applications for Blackberry - but also the presentation and monitoring their progress in the applications market.

Towards the Future

With the recent launch of several new Blackberry mobile devices (and rumors of a tablet Blackberry), a number of exciting opportunities exist for companies in this field.

IM and Email

We know the favorite features of the Blackberry are IM and email capabilities. Take advantage of these. Ask us how extra connectivity can be added to your new application - and how that could be used to improve long-term income.