Symbian Applications

Applications and Games on Symbian : "Successful open source Symbian"

In February 2010, Nokia announced it was sending the Symbian operating system code "open source". Since then, the mobile operating system has continued to improve the functionality - with increased practicality and user interaction.

Take Advantage in the Market

With more than 35% of smart phones that are running the Symbian operating system, a mass audience to market your application. And now that Symbian is open source - more and more people will enjoy using it in a variety of different phones.

Operations Quick and efficient

One of the joys of Symbian is the ease of use offered to users. An instruction manual is simply not necessary - because it is so difficult to understand. In the design of Symbian, we like to keep the interface quickly, easily and smoothly - to continue the Symbian theory of simplicity.

Not only Nokia

Many people immediately associate only with Symbian Nokia phones. It is an incorrect assumption. Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson also embrace the power of Symbian in many of their phones.