AimIT Software

Software Development

Types of Software:

  • Desktop Software, Software optimized to run on Windows systems with different architectures: single-user connections, LAN, connections to remote servers, shared web server connections (ISP), etc...
  • Software for Distributed Environments: for companies with different work centers, branches, which operate connected to a central database via the Internet.
  • This software model is divided into 3 layers: Users, server and database. The user layer is distributed to all operators of such Software and connects directly to the remote servers. It does not require any additional tools such as Terminal Server or Remote Desktop.
  • Application engines: Software to be installed on application servers designed to meet incoming connections.
  • Sockets engines: Software run on Application Servers. This type of software, receive incoming connections, running processes and returns the result of these processes. Socket engines are the ideal tool to execute processes on remote servers.
  • Php engines: These engines allow Desktop Software link with PHP servers, taking advantage of both technologies and maximizing application performance.
  • Modules, Components and libraries for other developers
  • Management Software, Billing.
  • Software Design
  • Sentinels for Web environments
  • Webmaster