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Banner Design company

The inclusion of advertising smart attractive websites increases the transit users. In order to attract the maximum audience, Arts and Media banners designed specific for each case. Once designed the banner should selects the most appropriate place for exhibition. Art and Media can study the market, choosing the most effective location for each product and manage the banners etc...

Standard Sizes

Characteristics Of A Good Banner

The Right Impression

The data is taken to measure the effectiveness of a banner is the click through, but this measurement system always not valid. The ads offer information, position, give value to a brand or awaken the need to purchase a particular product. The click through, however, offers instant access to the purchase of a product, and therefore is not an accurate measurement when analyzing any other advertisements. The right impression of the message, therefore, should be sufficient to justify the investment, beyond that it generates or not hundreds of click thoughts.

Strong Links

The link contains the banner should lead to a page designed for that purpose. If the banner carried a cover page, the user may feel confused or do not find what he saw in the banner.
Archives Light

In general, a simple gif banner should not exceed 8kbs or 15kbs in flash format. There are also more complex, depending on the type of site for which they are designed. But it is clear that the lighter the banner will be loaded faster.
Animation VS Clarity Of The Message

Often the excessive animation banners reading the message difficult. It is good that the banner attracts attention, but we must ensure that the message remains static as long as possible.
Abuse Of The Logo

Some banners using the final frame to display the company logo. This is not recommended. Both the initial and the end frame should serve to provide all information necessary to transmit the message. The format of the banner and is expected to the human eye.